First Post

THIS IS A BIG DEAL.  This website is so new and exciting for Asteria Organics and could not have come at a better time.

Summer is ramping up and we are harvesting Herbs and Berries like, WHOA!  Summer markets are on the horizon and this summer will get crazy!  CRAZY IN A GOOD WAY!  I can not WAIT to be able to connect with all of the folks who attend the markets in our area.  SO, if you'll be at the Baynes Lake markets, the Invermere Market and a variety of other markets throughout the summer months and throughout the year, I can not wait to meet with you to discuss strawberries, herbs, teas and the general awesomeness of summer!


3 Cheers for long overdue websites, 3 cheers for summertime, 3 cheers for farmers markets and 3 CHEERS FOR CRAZY!  ANNNNNND GO! 


Stay tuned to the blog and for new and up coming blends and events.




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