Blissed out and Tea!

Blissed out.... yeah, tea will do that!

It's been a full year of this new tea venture.  I am so grateful and truly impressed as to the support I've been shown.  A great group of friends and family and an AMAZING community have made this first year an amazing year full of bliss, tea and lessons learned. 


Yearly, I shall set forth to accomplish goals.

Who knows, they'll probably be spur of the moment goals because I'm the lady who plans nothing and flies by the seat of my pants....  maybe I'll be more realistic and set some other goals too.  Ones I can look back on.  It's bound to help hold THIS sister accountable to things in life.

So far this year I feel I've nailed it.  In a nail biting sort of way.  New company - figuring my-tea-self out.  People buying and loving (Like it ain't no thang).  

Goal: Rock it.

Goal: email Alanis Morissette....she's a #tealover . I bet she'll LOVE mine.

Goal: 1st tea farm in the East Kootenay's (legit, I'm going to grow tea....LIKE BLACK AND GREEN TEA) Organic, all natural, locally grown TEA!  WORD?!?!???!!!!

Goal: blog.  Because at the risk of tooting my own horn, I'm rad at it - and I should do it here.

Goal: Matcha.  Must do MATCHA!


More goals to come.  More beautiful tea-ness adventures.  More amazing pics.  Notice the fanciful new logo!!!! 


Stay tuned because we've repackaged the works.  Same beauty-full tea - getting down with our bad selves! 


Check it

Facebook and Instagram.  We're there.


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