International Women's Day and so much more.

My life as I know it.

MY life has a soundtrack and a tea-track. 

Today I take time to celebrate the woman in me and all of my women.  The woman in you and all of your women. Did I mention, of course, I have a tea for that.

Today I celebrate with a little extra sugar.  A little bath (filled shallow with water I hauled...with water I boiled).  The little extra sugar did not come in the form of water because we live in Grasmere.  One of the driest places I've ever known.  The extra extra sugar still to come (keep reading).

I praised the water I brought and gave thanks because water is the precious elixir of all life - you don't know about until you don't have it.  WORD!  WOOOOOORD!

Enter (Stage Left): Tea-track. Today I celebrate with a beautiful pot of HOT Asteria Tea.  Of course, my tea, because it's TEA TIME UP IN HERE.  The Asteria "Ladies ....Ladies" blend seems as though it was made for today.  I shall nourish my womanly body today. Highly nutritious, tastes beautiful and earthy and all that ever was and is....  What more can I say, there are no more words.  Nourish yo-self. 

& Of course, I celebrate the women who came before with Great Gramma T's Tea set.

Enter (Stage Right): The Rest of the Story.

There is always a reason to celebrate.  Daily, I can think of thousands of ways that I'm amazing.  I'm not conceded....I have many insane INSANE flaws. So many flakey aspects of me surface by the hour.  I have focus issues, I think too much, I have a wild and outlandish imagination, I think I can accomplish more than I can...I drive my man nuts, my temper is the rails.  Think Ozzy's Train, YEAH, you got it.  But, aren't those all what make me rad?  Rad, sad, mad, BUT MOSTLY RAD. I'm not conceded, I'm RAD.  I'm not opinionated, I'm right! <- that Bud's for you mom.  This is the essence of all Asteria Tea, Wild, Rad, Emotional, Raw, Outlandish Imagination... all mixed up with a little extra sugar on the side ;)

Pounding it out this morning on my elliptical ...earphones plugged in & rockin' it.  I mean, nailing that sweaty early morning work out TO-THE-WALL.  Listening to some of the sexiest men in country music take me for a run!  It ain't pretty but it doesn't need to be - I'm in my one around except for my baby, my sick boy, two dogs and Bubble Guppies.  

I can hear none of it....because that's just how I roll. My music is never quiet enough to hear my surroundings...AND THAT'S INTENTIONAL.  Can't be aware of surroundings, not when I'm on my elliptical. I think it's because if I can find an excuse to stop I will, so naturally, I drown in the music. I let these men (and women....but today only men) and their songs carry me away. I started with Sam Hunt.  Dang.  Cop Car.  A nice slow and dangerously sexy song (in my opinion)(which we've already determined is right).  He's my warm up.  He has succeeded.  Naturally, this turns into a little Luke Bryan.  He tells me,  "shake it for me girl".

I am telling you the sound track of my life makes my heart flutter.

Apparently I have many Luke Bryan's in a row.  I kick it to him a while wondering how I'm going to market my teas this month.  My mind wanders all about.  No one is judging because I am the queen of this domain. <- putting it in writing will probably result in more judging than just leaving in my head, right?

(Two cups of non caffeinated herbal tea in....and I've got my buzz on).

 I cruise through an entire Luke Bryan Album and times a flyin'.  A little Lee Brice "girls in bikini's" ....And then it hits.  It's Crazy, Beautiful,'s Old Dominion.  It's epic, it's life altering it will change the course of my history and possibly my genetic make up.  This is BIG.  This is my International Woman's Day song.  My official song for the day.  HUGE.  This man's voice singing these words is like gospel to my life.

In fact, the love for women that I'm hearing from Sam, Luke, Lee and the boys that are Old D gives me an undying and unfading faith in humanity and love for women.  (**Drinks more tea**) 

It's a touchy subject. It is not uncommon to hate on it.  It's happened, songs have been written about it, the world talks about it.  How is media portraying women in media?  It could be said that these songs are projecting images of the perfect "men's woman".  That these women can't exist and that it's time to talk about REAL women.  I don't buy it.  Don't believe it for a second.  Wanna know what these songs mean to me?  Because I'm real and I'm not perfect and I'm not a rock solid body in a bikini and cut offs.....These men make me feel BEAUTIFUL! Albeit, Crazy....but Beautiful and Sexy as well and even the crazy is charming... far more charming than I ever give my own crazy credit for.  I lose myself in these songs.  They sing to my soul.  Enchant my entire being.  This is how my man must feel about me.  The voice singing is Wade.  And I melt and I am gone and I may never ever ever return to reality.These songs resonate as love for women.  All women.  Women do things that are Crazy, Beautiful, Sexy everyday - heck I scrubbed a toilet today LIKE A DAMN BOSS.  Man did I look bomb doing it. I even shaved my legs for it, I painted my toes for it.

It is my day & I am me.  I am so dang flawed and bizarre. So much in fact that I'm feeling inspired. I am too much, but I like to think that that is why I am the goddess that I am.  My man's queen and the keeper of the key to all that my babies need.  The momprenuer, the epic tea blender taking Grasmere by storm (haha).  I'm making no excuses for myself right now - not-a-one.  No one needs to.  All women every where are doing just the same thing.  We are all Crazy, Beautiful, need to explain no excuses necessary. 

This earth shaking feeling is something that's hard to put into words.  It doesn't matter.  The only thing the rest of y'all need to know is that I'm going to take it.  Run with it.  Nail it.  And the result will be great things.  Great tea.  Great love for everyone out there being their unaltered true and raw self.  Thanks boys.  You made me feel woman!

I've got no real way to conclude this post.  I never do.  Be the woman in you today. Nourish your sweet bod. Rock it. Do something, read something, listen to something that is life altering, earth shaking, going to rock your genetic code and give you something to call your own.  DRINK TEA.

I'll take my sound track and my tea-track and hang it up for another day.


I wanna dedicate this post to all the broads out there and in my life.  All the Crazy, Beautiful, Sexy women on this International Women's Day.  And to all the men who love it. To all the women (and men) who have made creating these teas know, the ones with the muffin tops (or not), the girls singing def leopard in cali shirts (among other things) the ones with the 'real thang, the good vibin' feel thang'. Makin boys (and girls) fall in love with us over and over.  Thanks mom for provoking the selfie - which I would not ever ever ever normally do. Cheers to you Stace for keepin' it REAL real and shootin' a sister some intrigue in life.  And to Tasha who calls me on the perfect day at the perfect time 2 mins before I'll otherwise let myself get off the elliptical.  Stacey and Tasha - you're my source of sanity and womanhood and without you I'd be hospitalized. Thank you to the hottest men in country music today for singing sexy country music and making a girl's heart flutter a bit while she blends up some TEAS! 

To my biological sistas.....because we laugh until we pee a little.


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