Morning Musings - Like the Ceiling Can't Hold Us.

Apparently I have never given this thought enough credit but it is, in fact, entirely my life.

This here Tea-Track/Soundtrack thought.  My life revolves around it and has for a long long long time ...yet, who knew?!

Today's Tea:

The Real Slim Shanny

Today's Sound:

Elle King



Asteria's Skinny tea.  A light herbal detox tea, great with honey.  Amazing hot and amazing cold - as is most of my tea here at Asteria Tea Co.  It's important that none of it ever tastes bad cold....because who drinks all their tea all at once?  NOT THIS GIRL.  It's bound to be cold before I'm ever done the pot.  It's what happens when I have a billion and a half things to do each day - I don't sit well, I distract easily.  

The Earthy Earthy taste mixed up with some raw honey is often what is necessary.  Grounds me.  Brings me down a notch when I'm soaring among the stars.  

Soaring among the stars: Not entirely a bad thing.  But, sometimes I need to touch the earth.

The Real Slim Shanny will be my tea this week.  A week of detoxifying ritual - necessary. My body is yearning for clean and healthy routine.  My mind is calling for a good scrubbing.  A shooing of damaging thoughts.  A desire for self love.  What  better a tea for such a week?!!

The real deal, we spend a lot of our lives not living our truth.  We make ourselves small because society has decided that one ought not congratulate oneself too much.  Do you see what I did there?  I turned that sentence into the most pompous and pretentious statement I have ever heard.  I mean, really, what right do we have to not congratulate ourselves? What right does the world have to tell us that that is inappropriate?  

Why in the WORLD would we settle for less.  Are folks actually suppose to wake up every morning and say, "Today I shall not be rad, instead I will do what ever it takes to finish today and all days just to be one step closer to becoming dead people"? Literally folks, one day we will all die.  And every single day will take you and I closer to that day. 

I vote we be rad instead.  Dream big dreams and congratulate yourself always ALL-WAYS.  Talk about your greatness and don't become small for others.  This bigness could become a contagious epidemic that we all benefit from.  We might all someday live in a world where everyones opinions, dreams and thoughts co-exist and just mean so dang much. And then one day when we are old and closing in on death we can look back and smile at how big and awesome we once were.  


Sitting in a dark place every once in a while (my brain) puts life into a sense of philosophical perspective....

Maybe it's because I feel more than others, maybe it's because I live in a forest and the forest is alive - energetically, I'm sensitive, dark, light, calm and erratic.  I am everything. Sometimes I get so full of awesomeness it's necessary for my body to entertain darkness.  Like a good rest.  

Hence the soulful Elle King - In this song Ain't Gonna Drown.  I mean, just listen to it.  Dark, Soulful, Mournful - a little, but in a rise above and deal kind of way. Let yourself rest.  Then toss on some lipstick and own it. Your choice.  I've made mine.

Drinks Tea.

Woke up this morning to get those boys off to school after weeks WEEKS of spring break.  Deadly.  Jumped on the infamous elliptical for the first time in WEEKS and decided to own it.  Not just the elliptical but IT.  The big IT.  In that moment I knew that I had endured the rest (not of spring break...spring break is NOT restful)(the introspective rest in my mind)(darkness and all) and decided that it was me who would have to be rad.  Not small.  Rad.  Because I want to look back on Radness.  Time to " my demons and take back my upperhand."  boom.  The start to a great work out. I decided that when I made my tea today that it would be my day - my time to shine ....because all of the awesomeness in the world has to start somewhere.

Enter Macklemore.  Because as hillybilly as we are up on this hill we really REALLY love Macklemore (even my babies - sometimes mildly inappropriate language choices for 2, 5 and 6 year olds...what can I say, it's kind of how we roll).  Macklemore does rad.  He does RAD WELL.  I don't know his story...have no idea.  Never looked into it.  I get the impression (though, & of course I could be way off).  That he has done things his way.  In a world determined to "not congratulate oneself too much" he does.  It is pretty great. We could all take a lesson in doing the same.


My turn, cleansing all my negativity out - pushing it far from my the reaches of my mind and what everyone else might think:  I think I'm pretty rad for raising 3 kids in the bush.  Without many of the conveniences that others have.  I am on year 3. Offgrid, 3 kids under 7.  I just got power and water very recently, I still pack water.  I boil water for hot water, I started a bomb-ass tea company last year and continually grow as a human, a mother, a wife and a woman.  And I am congratulating myself right now!  

Drinks Tea.

What makes you proud to be you?  The ball is in your court.


Breathe, cleanse, release, congratulations :)  

and I love you. 

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