Shanahan Grand Cha - It's a Shanahan Thing

Shanahan Grand Cha

Not to be confused with Chai (Confused? Yeah!  We Shanahan's are a complicated bunch).

THE beautiful and strong Irish Breakfast Blend at Asteria Tea Co.

F-Bombs + Tea :  That basically sums up this amazing Irish Breakfast blend (and me, incidentally). 

Previously (and lovingly) referred to as Shanaha-nigans Whiney Little Bitch.  You know, for that whiney little bitch in your life, like my cousin Brayden ;)

I created and named this tea in dedication to some of the wildest and most beautiful people I know!  Shanahan Grand Cha is our namesake tea and it embodies a full flavoured, strong, hot-headed fierceness that is my family.  End off it's natural boldness with a beautiful floral note: we're intense but we love hard.

  • "Get your shit together Shanahan"
  • "Pull a Shanahan"
  • "I got a little Shanahan today"
  • "I pulled a Shanahan on his ass"
  • "Those Shanahan-Genetics"

{You get the picture, yes?}


This tea doesn't get enough hype.  It's a malty and robust blend of 3 different black teas.  Straight up-Black-Tea.  No frills, No gimmicks...what you see is what you get and more often than not that's ideal, isn't it.

Steep it strong and (in my opinion) with milk and honey for one of the bangin-est cups of black tea you'll ever have.


It can be said that all of my teas are my 'favourite'.  Just ask my mom.  I'll obsess over a blend for weeks ...then I'll switch it up and gush over a different blend (for weeks).  Though, I'll give it to you straight - Imma always circle back to Shanahan Grand Cha **It's a Shanahan thing**. 


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