Tea For Today - 3:17 pm Momma Fix

Hello All,

I will start to post a post (hopefully) daily dedicated to, of course tea! TEA! 

It'll be an overview of each tea available at Asteria Tea Company.  A description, pictures, reviews.  Hopefully you will enjoy the stories behind each blend, every single one of them has been created by me via curiosity and experimentation (on my kids and my man).  Enjoy!


Today - we will start from the beginnings of beginnings. Seems like the only fitting place to start, really.

Once upon a time I was a drinker of mainstream teas.  Organic teas, or so I thought.

I drank relaxing 'Mommy' teas and LOVED them.  Then one day all pregnant and stuff, I was waiting for my tea to steep and reading ingredients lists....you know how it goes.  The rest, it seems, is history.  

I didn't understand why and how these teas could be labelled "organic" and still contain "artificial flavouring"....I mean, even "natural" flavouring would have been stretch.  Did you know you can NOT find any info about what is IN flavouring for tea?

So I set out to make my own...

It was a success - ENTER, Stage Right, 3:17pm Momma Fix.  My first tea blend, still my favourite.  All natural.  No flavouring - Doesn't need it.  One of my most popular blends. I have yet to encounter a person who does not like it.

My friends, mom, husband, kids (all of them) - they loved this tea. THIS tea has gained so much popularity over the last 2 years and... What's not to love?!?


It's a cooling and soothing tea. Full of herbs associated with relaxation and calm.  Yet, somehow is fresh enough to not cause the sleepy - times to settle in.  

3:17pm Momma Fix is my prized possession.  Imagine if you will, 3 O'clock is when I start supper, 3:10pm the baby falls asleep while I start supper, I am suppose to be at the farm at 4pm to pick the boys up from the school bus....running back and forth from the kitchen to the couch....trying to wake up the baby and not burn the supper.  The rice isn't cooking fast enough and I need to turn it off half way through to get the baby into the truck - she is screaming....

As you can tell....about 3:17pm, it's not my most glamorous hour.  Hahah.  Ug.

This tea has got me out of a few tight emotional spots in life - all hours of the day but has really saved my bacon at about 3:17pm.


If you have yet to try it.  Check it out in our online store under Speciaty Herbal Teas. 

Stay tuned daily.  There shall be more from the home front.

In the mean time, here is what people are saying about 3:17pm Momma Fix (and it makes my heart feel full).

"I love the 3:17 momma!!"

"Just put in another order, Krista. You are seriously KILLING the tea game #officialteaofkjfinnancial"

"It got me thru today! Quite the day! !!!!!!! Need......more......!!"

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