Vanilla Sarsaparilla

I'm sippin' on this sweet dandy this morning.

{Not a Surprise to anyone who has touched, smelled or tasted it}

Vanilla Sarsaparilla has taken this Asteria Tea world by storm and is likely one of my biggest tea successes to date!

It's a surprise, though, really... because I have to admit, I was a non-believer for a very long time. 
I didn't want to try to create a tea like this.  I down right refused to make it.  Like ReFUSED to make it.

A couple of years ago a sweet sweet friend told me about licorice tea. I was disgusted by the idea. I mean, only old people with weird stale candy dishes in their living room enjoy licorice, right?


I think that my licorice trauma dates back to my childhood....I was about 6.

My mom wasn't home when I got home from school and I was scared.  So my sister and I ran across the yard to our neighbour's house.  We didn't know them. They seemed nice enough I guess.

These folks seemed quite old to me at the time but, as a 6 year old everyone seems ancient.  So, they were probably just normal grown ass people.

These dinosaurs welcomed us into their dark old house. It felt safe enough but I was still creeped.  The poor old fella that lived there didn't really know what to do with use little kids.  He did what he could.
"Here, you guys want some candy?" he said as he passed us a large bowl of colourful candies.
(we can all agree that this sounds more inappropriate than it actually was)

It was that black and neon weird licorice candy that all of the old people had in 1989. You know the stuff.

Took way too many - because that's what a 6 year old WOULD do.  I rammed a few in my mouth and then had to endure the longest 3 minutes of chewing I'd ever experienced. I was chew-gagging.... you know, like a 6 year old WOULD do.

That is my painful licorice memory.


This licorice tea, I just couldn't get behind it.

About every 3 weeks Kaylee would tell me about this tea.  She formed an intimidating licorice tea coalition (with 1 other person haha).
Finally I decided, "what the hell" I'll give it a try.  See how it tastes.  I was still convinced it would be nothing I'd want to be a part of.

WOW!  WRONG! (which is something I never admit)(ask my mom).  I was DEAD wrong!  This tea is AMAZING!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

The minute I smelled it I knew it would be a hit!  I also knew that there was bound to be a huge population of people with a TLE (Traumatic Licorice Event) so, I'd have to come up with another name...I wasn't going to call it licorice.  VANILLA SARSAPARILLA (and it even rhymes).

This tea has a nice mild taste. the flavour really isn't licorice. In fact, I still can't put my finger on it....{Brace YOself) I think it tastes a bit like rootbeer. But, real root beer.  

Thats kind of a horrible description.

It's got a natural sweetness to it, a bit of a kick and a smoothness to it like no other tea. I. LOVE. THIS. TEA.


Also, Vanilla Sarsaparilla is an herbal tea - no caffeine here folks! Good for those dark dark winter nights (and tastes great over ice too!)


This tea has taught me a few things:

  • When a friend shares a tea idea - trust them, you're friends for a reason.
  • Let go of the past (unless it's the trauma of black licorice ....or eating liver or frozen toes while ice fishing - always cling to those ones)
  • Vanilla bean is impossible to get your hands on and when you do it comes at a high price tag
  • I might like a teeny bit of licorice flavour.  But just a teeny bit.  This is the first and the last time I'll ever admit it
  • Kaylee you were right and I love you


Also special thank you to all of you who have loved up on this phenomenal tea!

Vanilla Sarsaparilla is not presently available on the website.  If you're thinking this tea sounds amazing (and it is) contact me directly.


Also, vanilla is tryicky to get a hold of as a result, any blend containing vanilla bean is *as supplies last*.

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